Frequently asked questions

How much does a in-home estimate cost?

CitiBlinds never charges a fee for an estimate. You can book an appointment online anytime at

Can orders be rushed?

For the most part, yes.  It depends on the product type, quantity and current stock.

Does CitiBlinds provide installation only service or measurements only service?

Yes.  If you need your windows measured for window treatments you will not be purchasing from CitiBlinds or need us to install window treatments purchased somewhere else, we can provide the service. Please contact us for pricing information.

Do you contract out the installation?

We do not use subcontractors for installation of window treatments. All installations are performed by us.

How much does installation it cost?

installation prices depends on few factors. Please contact us for prices.

How long does it take until blinds are ready to be installed?

Most blinds and shades can be ready to be installed in three weeks or less, however most are ready in two weeks. Draperies can take up to six weeks, with most jobs taking four weeks or less.